Intolerance: A Bedrock of Society

Author: Roland Solaire

We know that the bedrock of society is the family: One man, one woman, with their offspring. I submit to you that there are indeed other societal bedrocks, namely religion, zeitgeist and intolerance. Yes, intolerance is one of the bedrocks of society. It is the stone wall that keeps out wild beasts, enemies and allows the people to sleep a little more peaceably at night. The left has ground the family into dust through easy divorce, liberal media brainwashing of the youth to destroy morals and homosexual “marriage” as a coup de grace of sorts. They want to destroy the other bedrocks of society, and intolerance, our premonition to preserve ourselves against civilization-destroying elements, is obviously in their crosshairs.

I am proudly intolerant. I do not tolerate homosexuality, “transgenderism,” hatred for the European people, or hostile pagan religions such as Judaism. I believe they have no place in a civilized world, and that those who practice such things should be shunned or worse, or perhaps sent to the nuttery to take care of their mental problems in the case of the transgendered. It is this intolerance of evil that keeps society together, and once we start tolerating evil, and America as a whole certainly is, it’s game over. I believe that it’s game over for America, but a new Pax Romana of sorts is in the future, after a period of suffering. But it does not have to be game over for us as individuals, or as a group. We need to keep our personal “stone walls” strong, and refuse to tear them down to appease the horde.

This can be very hard, especially as it can affect your career negatively. I would never go brandishing the fact that I think homosexual behavior should be completely 3265318-assets-roman_legionillegal, or that I am against non-European immigration, but I also won’t completely hide them. I make it known that I am indeed a Christian and I do not apologize for what the Bible says or for my heritage. I’m not in your face about it, but I am forthright about my views when asked, or put in a situation where I must choose to go along to get along. I hate no individuals for being sinful of course, and I don’t hate any human beings merely because of their race, but at the end of the day I will not be counted among the cowards who didn’t have the guts to stand up for what’s right.

John Stuart Mill once said “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” Common sense is needed, but fear cannot prevail if we hope to keep our souls, and by souls I mean the essence of who we are. When we join with the fray to spout leftist platitudes to keep our jobs so we can continue to participate in Western materialism we’ve effectively become just another cog in the machine and the Synagogue of Satan, so to speak, has neutered us. We cannot tolerate evil, even if we are looked upon as the evil ones by much of society, out of fear.

You need to choose not to tolerate the evils that destroy our people. There’s also no “third way” libertarian stance you can take that would somehow allow you to have one foot in the truth and one foot in the materialistic world. The only way to be a man or woman of honor is to be completely for the truth, anything else is born from timidity and lacks honor. Sunshine soldiers and summertime patriots are useless, they’re just blog readers, not men of action, and action is what we need. Stagnation kills. You can know everything there is to know about maintaining an orderly society, but if you are not a man of action you amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things. The heroic spirit shuns an easy life and embraces action and challenge, as only through hardship can we grow spiritually. Being intolerant of the intolerable will be challenging and could cost any one of us one day, but one day when the Imperium is restored, you will be counted, whether alive or dead, whether named or nameless, among the heroic.



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