The Vision

Author: Roland Solaire

It is a maxim that most people in a society cannot be convinced of the truth and the right path by sound reasoning. The Democratic and Republican parties don’t even try to convince people of the truth, they sell them their Vision. The Vision is all that matters. The Vision is everything, and even folks like me who have become a Reactionary by studying and thinking have The Vision to thank, to some degree, for our Reactionary beliefs.

The Vision is what we dream of society being like. Unlike the leftists, our dreams are based in reality, but nonetheless theyangelo are grand, inspiring and worthy of the chase. The Reactionary vision is a return of kings. A return of nobility, honor, decency, stability and brotherhood in society. Such things as these are dishonored by modern society. But the dream goes deeper than that – it isn’t merely words.

I imagine, in the future, being a king in my own right, although if any good man were my king it would be a great honor to serve him. I don’t imagine the future would be medieval; it would be more advanced scientifically because we could divert our energies into grand endeavors, rather than pillaging each other via politicians, but it would be traditional in ethos. I imagine living in a huge castle, with the beautiful flag of my nation flying overhead. I would try to honor my people who do great things as much as possible – rescuing people from criminals, inventing new technology and making legendary works of art, and more by inviting them to feasts in their honor. The military would be compulsory for 2 years, so every man would put his hand to the plow, but exceptions would be made for those who object, and they would pay higher taxes, like such folks might do in Switzerland today, or fulfill their obligations in some other way. But the military wouldn’t be like it is in the US – it would be high morale, focused on fighting, physical training and defense, not trash pick up, sexual harassment PowerPoint presentations and crippling rules of engagement. The male only military would be well-outfitted and imposing, and strictly used to protect the kingdom and advance it, not the “interests” of corporations of foreign nations. When a people made war upon mine, I would take it to mean they simply volunteered their entire population for slavery to my people (and I would leave said slaves in their own land, and make them pay off their blood debt through 50 years of labor before mercifully releasing them so that that nation knows to never stir the hornet’s nest again).

Deviance would not be tolerated. Immorality is a human condition, but we wouldn’t have anti-family, anti-God programming all over television or sexual perversion promoted anywhere. It would be punishable. And speaking of punishment, prison sentences would be few, as I believe prison is an inhumane and ineffectual punishment. People should be made to pay restitution, be beaten, forced into labor for a short amount of time or executed. After serving their punishment all people would be let back into society once again fully, but it would be a strike against them, and too many strikes would equal a trip to the hangman.

Men would be men, and women would be women. Freedom would be paramount, but there would be clear, fair lines drawn in the sand for people not to cross. But not much of that appeals to most people. What really appeals to people is idyllic scenery, fulfilling relationships and a good life. Imagine owning a home by the riverside, dwelling with a family you love in a moss-covered stone home. You are a part of a village of people who genuinely care for you, so much that locking the doors and windows is an obvious waste of time. Your children go to school and learn to read, write, do math along with history, but not for too long, perhaps 8-12 AM because school is not to be some wretched fluorescent light prison for children. Since the schools focus on the essentials, your kids excel, to the best of their abilities, in those things, and have the afternoon to devote to whichever endeavors you allow, from art to video games. The pressures of 24/7 sexual immorality in our media and advertising and worries over drugs at school are foreign to almost all parents in this new era.

People are allowed to be in society provided they play by the rules. Foreigners are only allowed in a limited number, and only if they play by the rules, are desirable assets, and integrate. They will be given a fair shake, nothing more, nothing less. No slave labor picking lettuce on a factory farm in California, but no welfare checks either. They pass a basic intelligence test and are required to reach an acceptable level of speaking the native language, and if male and young enough, serve their 2 years.

Action is paramount – the King or ruler is always protecting his subjects and moving society forward, whether it’s exploring space or alleviating the woes of the poor. The king doesn’t stagnate, for stagnation is death. God and the nation are everything. The king can implement solid social programs that work much better than they do in democracies, because they are realistic and fair, without the malignant bureaucracy in the middle because the king can fire at will, and therefore it doesn’t take an act of God or Congress to right a wrong. The workers are well taken care of and leisure time is maximized, perhaps a 35 hour workweek or 4 day workweek would be imposed in some fashion to limit the suffering and burnout from the daily grind so many experience.

Is this reactionary politics? Is this monarchy? Is this fascism, your neighbor says? I want it, he says, because it is much better than things are now. It’s change, actual change, through real action, and not some radical adherence to an ideology like socialism. A real king or dictator doesn’t care for ideology, he cares first for honor, and secondly for what’s best, no matter what ideology it might fall under.

The Vision is what will change people’s minds. Not books and blogs. Those are merely the seeds which educate and inform the new reactionary intellectual class who in turn are tasked with turning the ideas into action. People often cannot see further than their next meal, so a blog with an exquisite vocabulary, or a tome written by Julius Evola won’t change their mind. The Vision will change their mind. I pitch The Vision in my own way based on the knowledge I have learned from reading and thinking, but you have your own Vision based on the same Reactionary knowledge that can convince certain people better than mine can. As carriers of the truth, we need to spread it, practically, that is our greatest and truest task. We need to communicate on the level of the masses, and save the deep intellectual arguments for those who can handle them and may join the ranks of the new reactionary intellectual class. The Vision is the sword that will bring our word to the people, wield it and conquer.


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