Race Mixing

Author: Roland Solaire

Race mixing is the hottest topic today in the reactionary community. It is a divisive issue, and those who take the side that it is wrong are extremely dogmatic in their belief, to the point where they will often refuse to ever listen again to someone who does not share their view completely. I would say this is a sign that pleb-tier neo-Nazism is seeping into the Reactionary movement. I can only speak as a Catholic, but, race mixing is not a sin. Nowadays the Jews do try to “weaponize” race mixing in an effort to make white nations safer for them to live in. They use interracial pornography in order to offend non-Jews and try to convince the Goyim to race mix. I am opposed to organized Jewry’s latest example of atrocious behavior worthy of exile, but it’s not a threat. The real threat is low white birth rate, which is only being remedied by conservative Christian families which have many children.

Firstly, let’s examine the Christian argument on race mixing. The Church was never against race mixing until Southern Spain-Besalu-Medieval-Bridge-LProtestant groups in the United States began to oppose it, in order to prevent their children from mating with uneducated slaves and people they viewed as inferiors. As a race realist, I would agree that there are more low-class blacks than low-class whites, but that does not mean each black is inferior, or that each white is superior. Clearly, Thomas Sowell, the black conservative intellectual, is superior to your fat, white, trailer park-dwelling Juggalo. He is probably superior to most whites. However, the Protestants of the South, who were also vehemently anti-Catholic, viewed every black as an inferior. Divorced from the True Faith, the Southern Protestants used man-made doctrine to justify their racial beliefs, and elevated man-made doctrine to the level of religious truth.

Protestants today, mostly of the Southern and Midwestern US variety, use a plethora of Bible verses, taken out of context, to argue against race mixing and “prove” why race mixing is a “sin.” They are exactly like the liberal “Christians” who take Bible verses out of context to justify homosexuality. They proceed from their emotions rather than their logic. They do not look at the context of the verses they use to promote their position, or even want to know the truth about said verses; they just use them as “proof texts” to justify their heresy. Not only do they justify heresy, but they insult God by twisting His Word to suit their earthly, carnal agenda.

If a professing Christian ever posts a list of Old Testament verses against “race mixing,” you can be absolutely positive that it is merely a list of verses arguing against mixed marriages with pagans. We know this is true because there are several mixed-race marriages in the Bible. You have Moses marrying the Cushite (Ethiopian) woman, Uriah the Hittite and Bathsheba, and Rahab the Canaanite woman who married Salmon the Israelite and bore Boaz, the husband of Ruth. Joseph, the legal, earthly father of Jesus Christ, was a direct descendant of Rahab! There goes your racial purity.

In the Bible, one interracial marriage was criticized. When Moses married the Cushite woman, Miriam and Aaron freaked leprosyout and condemned Moses for his deed. In response, the Lord cursed Miriam with a leprous skin disease that made her skin even whiter, until she and Aaron repented and asked God for forgiveness and healing. Those who profess to be Christian and are strictly against race mixing and criticize white Christians for taking non-white spouses are putting themselves in the carnal camp of Miriam and Aaron, and subjecting themselves to God’s fury.

Clearly, interracial marriage is not a sin. Marrying outside of the faith is a sin. If you’re a Catholic gentleman, marrying a pagan female would be a huge sin with massive ramifications if she did not convert to the True Faith. Even if she did convert, one would still have committed a sin. Some Churches would, rightfully, excommunicate people for marrying non-Catholics. Nowadays, for practical reasons, Catholics are allowed, with special (usually easily obtainable) permission to marry Protestants, but that’s because many Protestants are at least Christian even if they do not possess the fullness of the faith. If you’re a white Catholic gentleman who marries a black Catholic lady, you committed no sin. It may not always be a good idea to race mix, and if it’s done in opposition to a parent’s wishes it may be a sin, but it’s not ipso facto sinful. What man says does not take precedence over what the Lord says in His Word. If you want to be obstinate in your opposition to interracial marriage on religious grounds, I suggest you leave the Church and find a pagan religion that jives with your beliefs. Even then, you’ll be very hard pressed to find a legitimate prohibition against race mixing in Astruism, Druidism, or even Mithraism. If you want to have neo-nazi beliefs, join a neo-nazi cult, but they have no place within the Church.

I call these beliefs “neo nazi” because the are not even in line with what National Socialist Germany believed. In the Germany military during WWII there were hundreds of thousands of Soldiers who were not fully Aryan. Several half-Ashkenazi men were in very high positions within the German military and NSDAP. The Germans were far more practical than your modern neo-nazi’s. Not only were the Germans more practical, but Baron Julius Evola and Benito Mussolini were even more practical than the Germans. Modern right-wingers totally against race mixing are taking positions in opposition to Evola, and often read Evola while tuning out contemporary right-wingers who have the same sentiments Evola had. Therefore, those who are firmly against all race mixing ought not call themselves Traditional. They are not in line with any tradition. They are not in line with National Socialist Germany, Julius Evola, the Catholic Church or even historical Odinism. They are in line with the white trash KKK and trailer park-tier neo-Nazi’s. Instead of Traditionalism informing and reforming neo-nazi’s, neo-nazi’s are informing and reforming some Traditionalists to share their opinions. This speaks to the intelligence of some Traditionalists. If you’re going to share the beliefs of untermenschen, it’s hard to claim you are not of them.

Traditionalists against race mixing are also making the mistake of responding to Organized Jewry by taking the opposite position of what Organized Jewry does instead of thinking things through and adopting the correct position. Organized Jewry does promote race mixing and interracial pornography. It is a bit moot to me what pornography they promote though, as everyone involved in pornography is a disgusting, low-life whore, whether they are fornicating with the same race or another. If the Jews want to make a version of pornography where their corrupt whores and cads do something which cannot even turn a profit for them, I don’t really care. It’s all filth. Those who watch porn are allowing demons into their lives and becoming or have become slaves to that harmful sin, whether it’s interracial or not. Any fornication on camera is a gross insult to a just man or woman, whether it’s interracial or not.

Organized Jewry is merely making an attempt to diversify Western nations to make them safer for Jews to dwell in. They should be fought on this point. By fighting race mixing itself we are merely fighting a symptom of their plan, not their plan in and of itself. You’re playing right into Jewish hands by preoccupying yourself with the effects of their schemes rather than their schemes themselves. Furthermore, Jews can be overcome by making them converts to the True Faith, which is why we pray for the salvation of the Jews and should seek to convert them as our primary method of attack on Organized Jewry. Every true Jewish convert is a new warrior for our cause, if we’re Christian and Traditionalist.

Growing the faith with new converts and new children is the primary way we enlarge the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Everyone of the True Faith should be shunning the sin of birth control, stop attempting to cheat God by controlling how many children they have, and have as many children as possible, raising them in Tradition and honor. It is disgusting that almost every professing Christian I meet who is against race mixing is also for the ACTUAL SIN of birth control to some degree. The white race, if you can call it that (to me it is a group of races that have many similarities), is threatened demographically merely because it is not reproducing in large enough numbers. Ireland is the only white nation with a birth rate above replacement levels, however scarcely, and not coincidentally it is still extremely Catholic and abortion is illegal there. The other European nations with higher birthrates are higher only due to a very large number of Muslim immigrants, which thankfully Ireland lacks at this time. And why don’t atheistic, white liberals deserve to be dispossessed of their lands? Just like the Jews were dispossessed of their land by the Romans because they were unfaithful and rejected Christ, many Europeans are being dispossessed of their lands for being unfaithful and rejecting Christ. This is why paganism cannot save Europe and whites in general. Only returning to Christ can. The number one thing you can do to save the white race is promote Christ and doing away with all forms of birth control and abortion. Whites who fight against Christ and use birth control deserve to be wiped out, will be wiped out, and are being wiped out. They are the new Jews, and in league with Organized Jewry on almost every single point.

Those who feel threatened by race mixing in the US should not even worry, because it’s not happening on a remotely threatening level. The largest population of mixed race couples is white man-Asian woman couples. There are over 50 million white man, white woman couples in the United States alone, whereas there are only about 14 million Jews in the entire world, and many Jewish women are marrying white Goyim. Jewish women tend to love white men, in high enough numbers to severely threaten Jewish survival. Perhaps this is why some Jewish pornographers lash out against whites with unprofitable interracial porn. They’re the ones who feel threatened and cucked, and they may be trying to inflict similar emotional pain on white men through their pornography.

White women are the least likely to date outside their race, so we don’t have to worry about white women looking to non-whites for marriage in appreciable numbers. Even when it does occur, it’s almost always within the same class. Fat, low class trailer trash white women and uneducated, low IQ black men, or intelligent, successful black men with decent white women. So, the quality of European blood is not being threatened via interracial marriage. High quality whites who interracial marry are marrying high quality non-whites. Low quality whites are marrying low quality non-whites. Women are rarely attracted to literally inferior men.

In closing, what I propose is that we put the issue of race mixing on the back burner, or ignore it entirely, and promote Traditionalism. We should also be pragmatic, particularly in the United States, about creating a Traditionalist State. We should welcome everyone into our ranks who is already in the United States legally who wants to join us, regardless of their race or if they have a spouse of another race. The US is not a pure white nation, but that doesn’t mean we cannot be a glorious, monarchical Christian empire one day. The Traditional Catholics and other Christians who are baring children in large numbers, and keeping them on the narrow path via homeschooling and proper rearing are the saviors of our future. Those who are using birth control are dying out, reaping what they have sown, and being replaced by more virile people. Virility is the most important thing for any people to possesses, without it, every other good trait you have is largely irrelevant.


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