The Height of Man

Author: Roland Solaire

What is the greatest height to which a man can aspire?

Spiritual and martial mastery.

How does a man attain such mastery?

Through rigorous training. He must subdue his own will. His will to mastery  must be greater than his desire for hedonistic pleasure. He must beat his body in training, and beat his soul into proper shape as if he were a blacksmith forging a shield. He also needs a guide, a Master, to submit to.

Where can I find a Master?

The First Master is Jesus Christ. He can guide any man to not only Spiritual Mastery, can also train one’s hands for war.

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

The purest warrior mindset comes from Christ, as only Christ has defeated death itself, and is therefore the only Indomitable Warrior. The second place to find a Master is the Pages of History. The Knights Templar was an organization of warrior-priests, spiritual-martial Masters, each of them. Other Crusaders were too, which is why their legend echoes throughout history, and Satan seeks to destroy their legacy. King David and Joshua were also Crusaders, fighting a Holy War in the Holy Land against wicked men. The third place to find a Master is the world around you, in the present. Spiritual Masters are found in the Holy Mother Church, and Martial Masters are found in the military, in dojos, and elsewhere. War, ever changing, needs to be adapted to, and one must be a warrior in the present. A modern gunfighter is the present ideal, as a true warrior cannot live in the past and be truly effective in the modern era. Lastly, one must be the Master of his own destiny, in the sense that, while recognizing God is in control, he is obligated to take responsibility for his Fate, and must take hold of Fate’s rein’s, and guide it in the proper direction.

How do we know spiritual and martial mastery is the height of man?

Because God is spirit, and we know Him through True Spirituality. God is also a warrior. Thus, by following the path of the warrior, we seek to emulate God, and by seeking to emulate Him as a warrior, we must also emulate His love and other characteristics. When we master the Spiritual by becoming mature in Christ, our souls attain treasure that lasts for eternity. When we master the path of the warrior, we become a force for the physical manifestations of evil on earth to be reckoned with, as God and His angels are a force to be reckoned with in the Spiritual realm.

What if I am not naturally suited to fighting in war?

Is any man naturally suited to fighting spiritually? We are all conceived in sin, and through God’s grace we may ascend to heaven. No man has an excuse to be frail and weak and unable to fight. If ones time is dominated by study and work, to the point where he cannot train himself physically or spiritually, he is likely enslaved to a love of money, selfish ambition, sloth and other spiritual diseases which are choking out his ability to grow.


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