As many of you know from my Facebook page, The Old Light, I have a unique, but generally reactionary political philosophy.Corfe_Castle_Sunrise_v2 I tend to confuse some of my fans, because one day I’ll strongly condemn white nationalism, and the next I will deny the official story of the Holocaust. I’ll post a quote from the Eddas, then condemn Neopaganism. On my personal page I even share Viking metal songs with my friends all the time, and I’m heavily tattooed in Norse mythological artwork. Yet, I am a fanatical Catholic. I call my belief system Solarism, and I don’t believe it is anything new or all that unique in the grand scheme of things. The tenets of Solarism are as follows:
#1: Deus – God and the Church are the center of life and society. It all started with Abraham, and continues today through the Roman Catholic Church and His Holiness the Pope.
#2: Sol – Man is symbolized by the sun, woman is symbolized by the moon. A proper society must reflect Solar Reality – that is, it must be patriarchal. Under a proper, Christian patriarchal system – not the bastardization you see among the Muslim’s or Baptist Fundamentalists who won’t let their daughters were pants or make up – men and women are at their best and society is at peak harmony.
#3: Veritatem – The Truth of a matter must reign supreme, not feelings. As Proverbs 25:2 says, “…to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” This is why we must never shy away from unpopular truths, such as what the evidence says about the Holocaust.
#4: Nobilitas – Nobility of spirit is paramount. Racialism and biological determinism are crude and materialistic. They are also false and wicked. All righteous men and women are my own, all reprobates are my enemy as they are the enemy of Christ. Never shun someone on the same path as you because of their material make up, they could be a powerful ally. Being preoccupied with race mixing is being excessively preoccupied with material, fleeting matters. Be preoccupied by the Spirit and by nobility.
#5: Veteres Matutina Lux – We must use the wisdom of the ancients as an anchor. Monarchy, aristocracy, Biblical restrictions on economic exploitation, the place of men and women in society and more are laid out for us by the Word of God and wise men of nearly all cultures from the days of yore. Those sources of wisdom are The Old Light. All we need to do is open the window and light it shine in. Trying to wholly invent our own ideology is like trying to substitute artificial light for the glorious rays of the sun. While the wisdom of God is chief, and pure, we can also utilize the wisdom of the Norse, the Greco-Romans, the Chinese and others.
#6: Sapientia – We must be cunning and tactful. This means pushing for fascistic arrangements, dictatorships, or even conservative democratic political candidates when they are the optimum choice at the time, while never being distracted by these subpar arrangements.
#7: Gladio – We must embrace the sword. This doesn’t mean become a terrorist or harm people, but we must make peace with the sword, and the fact that some of our enemies will have to perish, lawfully, one day, as evil cannot continue to abound. The government is the proper realm of the sword, which is why we must make our own long march through the institutions and make the government our own. I call this reactionary march the “wresting of the sword,” as we are trying to wrest this power from the hands of the ungodly, who have and will use the sword upon us otherwise.
#8: Vita – Embrace life. I know not all of us have wives or husbands who are willing to forego birth control, but we must at least work towards the ends of doing away with all birth control and abortion. They undermine a holistic, natural, Godly patriarchal arrangement, which is why feminists and communists love them. Birth control is what is truly responsible for the decline of whites as a total percentage of the global population. Solarist men and women alike should seek virile partners. This does not mean to shun a person because they might be infertile – if you love an infertile person by all means marry them – but for men this may mean shunning careerist women. At least women who won’t put their career on hold for the sake of children, and put their career before family. For women, this means shunning men who cannot or will not be decent fathers. There really are masculine, strong, commanding men out there who are good and would make good fathers, just like there are feminine, graceful and sexy women out there who would make good mothers and are not slutty.
#9: Remissionem – Forgiveness is at the core of our scheme. Any enemy who joins us “slays” an opposing warrior just the same, and adds to our ranks. This means that if a wayward man or woman wants to turn from their past we should embrace them and make them our own. Loose women are always a risk, but if they want to turn to the righteous path, their past deeds may have some consequences such as decreased value as a wife, but they need to be accepted. Not in the way cuckservative Evangelicals propose, but in the way the Israelites accepted the truly repentant Rahab, a former Canaanite prostitute. Rahab eventually married a Hebrew, and one of their descendants was Joseph, the earthly father of Christ. Always be willing to forgive an enemy, and remember you cannot forgive an unrepentant enemy who knows full well what he or she is doing. Thus, we do not “blanket forgive” everyone working at Planned Parenthood or the North Korean government.
#10: Stellarum – We must as a country and a species reach for the stars. We may not ever be able to unite planet earth, but, God willing, the universe can be our dwelling place, not just this rock, and we must work towards that end. Dreams of colonizing Mars are just the beginning. Mankind is experiencing a temporary lull in the need to explore. In the future, the solar system and beyond will be our new frontier, our new “Wild West.” As we terraform planets and make them inhabitable for human beings, may we never forget the God who created the life we spread and the planets we colonize.


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